Let’s face it, cleaning your home is a never-ending task and we understand it can be overwhelming when you have a chronic illness or disability. If you’ve ever considered getting some help with keeping on top of your home, here are three benefits of hiring a house cleaner with Your Helpers under your NDIS plan.

1. More Free Time

Hiring a cleaner gives you back more time to focus on other things you want to do and need to do, rather than worrying about using all your energy on cleaning the house.

2. Get The Stuff You Avoid Cleaning Cleaned

You might think you have high standards when it comes to cleaning, but in reality, you just want that job done so you can move on to something more interesting. More often than not, you avoid the tasks you hate doing and the tasks you do attempt quickly become tedious. So halfway through cleaning you probably think, ‘Close enough’ because it probably looks better than when you started. When you hire a cleaner they’ll have a different mindset to the task at hand. They want to do a good job for you because you’ve entrusted this job to them.

3. Puts You In A Better Mood

Quoting Marie Kondo:

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness in that environment.”

When your home is free from clutter and mess you feel good, reduces anxiety and creates a sense of order. A cleaner helps maintain an environment of calm and clarity in your home.

Your Helpers Home Services is a Registered NDIS Provider and we have capacity to assist more Participants with their cleaning and gardening needs. We service the Gold Coast area from the NSW border up to Yatala and everywhere in between.

If you are supporting a Participant or are a Participant in need of our services, we can arrange a no-cost home visit within a week. To learn more, please contact our office (07) 5551 0111 or refer their details via our form.