Everyone wants their cleaning and gardening tasks to be easier, faster and more efficient so they can spend more time doing the things they enjoy. To help us all tidy less but better, we asked our cleaners and gardeners of Your Helpers Home Services for their best cleaning and gardening hacks. 


How to make your own all-surface disinfectant

In an empty spray bottle, add: a few drops of good quality dishwashing liquid, half a cap of disinfectant and a choice of fragrance (my favourite choice is eucalyptus). This disinfectant is perfect for all surfaces. 

From Violeta – Cleaner 


How to attract bees to your garden 

Bees can’t resist the rich perfume of certain florals. To attract more bees to your garden, plant your flowers in clumps. This makes the garden the ideal location for pollinators. Bees will be attracted more to plants that are together in groupings rather than planted individually throughout the backyard. 

From Kimberley – Gardener


The secret is steam for dust cleaning 

My best-kept secret is to lightly mist, using a steam cleaner. Of course, you do not use heat on certain surfaces, but if you stand back from a metre distance moving your steam fairly quickly you will find it loosens and removes light dust allowing for it to easily wipe off with a soft cloth. Also freshens up mirrors and is great for getting ground off gunk from below the shower screen seals. 

From Narinda – Cleaner 


How to make your windows clear and sparkle

To clean your windows and make them sparkle, add warm to hot water in an empty spray bottle and add a few drops of good quality dishwashing liquid. Trust me, it works better than some window cleaning products. 

From Violeta – Cleaner


Reuse broken pots to create a work of art 

Don’t throw your broken pots away as you can create an awesome succulent pot design. Here are just a couple of my creations.

From Kimberley – Gardener


Make your own affordable multi-use cleaner 

Instead of carrying around lots of different products, I make my own affordable multi-use cleaner. I mix antibacterial morning fresh with water in a spray bottle. I use it for everything such as surface cleaner, smear-free window cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. This one product can be used for multiple surfaces and can last you 6 months for under $10.  

From Melanie – Cleaner


How to make kitchen sinks super shiny

To make your stainless steel sinks shine, mix washing powder with water to form a paste. Add a little old-fashioned elbow grease and wallah……super shiny surfaces! 

From Helen – Cleaner 


How to clean your toilet for seriously cheap

If you have heavily stained toilet bowls, you don’t need to use expensive products. Get a container of citric acid from the baking aisle at the supermarket and pour it down the toilet bowl. Leave overnight without flushing and wallah! 99%of the time you won’t even need to scrub, just flush. The best part is it’s only $3.00. 

From Melanie –  Cleaner

To avoid root rot in your pot plants

I am constantly being asked how I stop my plants from getting root rot. Cut up some old sponges and put them in the bottom of the pot, these sponges retain moisture and create necessary air space. They also help prevent water from flushing out the bottom. The sponge acts as a water reserve and keeps the soil moist longer. 

From Kimberley – Gardener


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