Judy has been working with Your Helpers Home Services for nearly 4 years in the capacity of Client Care Manager. Judy’s primary role is to meet clients in their homes and onboard them to our services ensuring the best cleaner and or gardener is placed into their schedule of supports.

Once a referral is received from a Support Coordinator, Participant, or Carer, Your Helpers Home Services will book the complimentary home visit with the participant at a mutually beneficial time for Judy to meet with them and view their home and needs. It is important at this stage to note, that the more information we receive with the initial referral, the quicker, safer, and more beneficial that home visit will be. Carers & Support Coordinators will be advised when the home visit has been booked to keep you up to date with where we are up to in our process.

What Do We Do At A Home Visit?

The purpose of conducting a home visit is for various reasons, including;

  • Build a trusting relationship with the participant, this allows them to feel comfortable and they then have a familiar point of contact within Your Helpers Home Services.
  • Letting them know the services we can and cannot provide.
  • Walk through the home and or yard with the participant to ascertain the services they will need and discuss how this will be performed. Each home is very different and can require different types of cleaners/gardeners. For example, male or female only teams, a single worker, extra services to get the home to a liveable hygienic standard, rubbish removal etc.
  • Understanding the participant’s personal needs and character to ensure we put the best-matched cleaner/gardener in place
  • Knowing the participants best suited days/times to have their cleaner/gardener attend.
  • Completing a Service Agreement.
  • Completing Privacy Statement.
  • Completing Risk Assessment.

At the home visit a Service Agreement and Schedule of Supports is completed providing an estimate of costs for the duration of the plan. Once this is signed by the participant or nominee a copy will automatically be sent to the participant/nominee, Support Coordinator and Plan Manager for records.

From the date of the home visit, we aim to have service in place within 48 hours notifying the participant via a phone call/text and confirmation email. All support coordinators are also notified via email of the date and time of the schedule to keep informed also. Client Care calls are completed after the 1st and 2nd service thereafter every 3 months, we touch base if we haven’t heard from the participant prior, to ensure they are still happy with the services and if there is anything else we can assist with.