Entering the NDIS can sometimes feel like navigating a new language. With its own set of terminology and jargon, understanding your NDIS plan can be a daunting task. Fear not, for we’re here to decode some of the essential terms you’ll encounter along your NDIS journey. 

  1. Participant: This refers to you or the person who is eligible to receive support through the NDIS.
  2. Support Coordinator: A support coordinator assists participants in implementing their NDIS plans, accessing support services, and navigating the support system.
  3. Plan: Your NDIS plan outlines the supports and services you’re entitled to receive over a specified period, usually 12 months.
  4. Reasonable and Necessary: These are the supports and services deemed essential for you to live an ordinary life and achieve your goals.
  5. Goals: Your NDIS plan is centred around your goals, which are the specific outcomes or achievements you aim to accomplish with NDIS support.
  6. Provider: A provider delivers the supports and services outlined in your NDIS plan. This could include disability support workers, cleaners and gardeners, or community organisations.
  7. Funding: Funding refers to the financial resources allocated to you in your NDIS plan to access the necessary supports and services.
  8. Support Category: NDIS supports are grouped into different categories, such as Core Supports, Capacity Building Supports, and Capital Supports, each serving different purposes.
  9. Choice and Control: The right for a participant to make their own decisions about their supports. 
  10. Core Supports: Core supports cover everyday activities and tasks that are essential for your daily living, such as personal care and household assistance.
  11. Capital Supports: Capital supports fund larger, one-off purchases such as assistive technology, home modifications, or vehicle modifications.
  12. Reassessment date: A date specified in a participant’s plan by which the NDIA must reassess the plan with the participant.
  13. Reasonable and Necessary: This refers to the criteria used to determine whether a support or service is essential for you to achieve your goals and live an ordinary life.

Understanding these key terms will help you navigate your NDIS plan and access the support and services you need to thrive. If you ever find yourself unsure about any aspect of your plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to your support coordinator or NDIS representative for assistance.