Nothing feels quite as satisfying like completing a full spring clean of your home. But cleaning your home from top to bottom can be overwhelming — not to mention, time-consuming. Below we share our spring cleaning tips to help you take control of the daunting task.

Have a Plan

Before you get started, decide how much cleaning you can handle and what you want to tackle first. Trying to clean your entire home in one day or weekend may not be possible if you haven’t done a deep clean in a long time or accumulated a lot of clutter. Make a list of what tasks you plan to tackle, in what order, and when, so you have an idea of what you may need and a schedule to stick to.

Start One Room at a Time

Choose one room to start the cleaning process. Don’t start another room until the current room has been cleaned. Start cleaning from the top of the room working your way down.

Declutter First

Start sorting through items in the room. Decide which items you still use / need versus things you no longer need. Go through wardrobes for unworn clothing, kitchen cupboards for unused utensils or unmatched pots and the home office of no longer requires paper files.

Clean and Reorganise Shelves

Remove all items from your shelves, pantry, draws and cupboards and move appliances to remove all dusts. Wipe down the ceiling, fan or light fixtures, the walls, baseboards, and all the furniture in the room. Make sure to remove items from pantry and move appliances to remove all dust.

Wash Fabrics

The fabric around a home can collect dust and bacteria. Wash curtains, pillows, blankets, bedding, and rugs. Have carpets? Now is the time to shampoo them to get rid of winter’s foot tracks. Also be sure to vacuum furniture and mattresses.

Clean Appliances

Show your appliances a little cleaning love, and they’ll thank you by looking and performing better. A little soapy water or a 50-50 solution of water and white vinegar will clean and shine the inside and outside of any home appliance. Read our past blog posts regarding tips to clean your dishwasher and washing machine for inspiration.

Deep Clean of Wet Areas

Do a thorough clean of your bathroom including the shower and bath and your toilet. Your wet area’s tile grout lines probably needs a good clean, bleach to restore the colour or re-caulk areas that are discoloured around tubs or sinks too.


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