If you’re new to the NDIS and are about to commence services with a provider, you may have heard about or seen the term ‘service agreement’. While you may be questioning whether you need one or not, here is our breakdown of why they are important.


But first, what actually is a service agreement?

The NDIS defines a service agreement as an agreement between you and your provider that is covered by Australian Consumer Law in which you both agree to the conditions. This allows both parties to have a clear understanding of what will be delivered and how or when services will occur. 

As registered providers, service agreements are mandatory to ensure we comply with NDIS guidelines and compliance standards. Our service agreements are clear and easy to understand allowing the Participant full choice and control to outline how and when they would like their cleaning or gardening services completed. 


Are they really that important? 

Some topics outlined in your service agreement may have already been discussed with your provider during the intake process such as frequency of services, so you might be thinking you don’t need one in place. However, here are 5 very good reasons why service agreements are important. 


Allows you full choice and control over your services 

The NDIS is all about providing Participants with full choice and control over their services. When our Client Care Manager comes for your no-cost home visit, you will discuss both the goals and recommendations of your cleaning and/or gardening services to best support you. For example, you may like your gardening fortnightly with a main focus on weeding your garden beds.  When, how and what services you would like completed are clearly defined in your service agreement to ensure your needs are met. 


It outlines both parties’ (Participant and provider) responsibilities 

Participants’ responsibilities are to ensure the providers have the ability to perform their services. For example, a Participant has the responsibility to tell the provider when or how they would like their services performed. They also have the responsibility to notify the provider if they’re unwell and need to cancel cleaning services for the week or have any upcoming changes to their NDIS plan. 

On the other hand, the provider’s responsibility is to ensure that the services are performed most efficiently for the client. This includes performing the services at a day and time requested by the Participant, ensuring privacy and confidentiality and responding to queries or concerns in a timely manner. 

A list of both parties’ responsibilities is clearly outlined in our service agreement with no hidden surprises. 


It’s not a contract, however, is legally binding

There is no contract as the NDIS is all about “Choice” and giving you “Control”, we do however need to have a service agreement in place that outlines the services you will receive, the cost of services and delivery methods for your service with dates and times. We will complete this in conjunction with coming to meet with you. We will then provide a signed copy back to you, your support coordinator and plan manager if you have them.

As mentioned previously, service agreements are covered by Australian Consumer Law making them a written and legally binding document. This means that service providers can only increase the price or frequency of services agreed to with the knowledge of the Participant. Having all the information in writing provides the ability for future reference protecting both parties legally and ensuring complete peace of mind when commencing services. 


It provides clear information for ending or changing agreements

If you are moving house or need to cease services, all the information needed on how to do this is outlined in your service agreement. For example, our service agreements clearly outline the notice period required for cancellation of service or changing agreements to ensure the process is smooth and stress-free for both parties. 


It supports you!

Most importantly, service agreements are here to support and ensure that Participants receive their services in an effective manner. Agreements provide information and resources such as the contact details of the person to talk to if you have a problem or concern with your service. 

Overall, service agreements provide complete peace of mind for Participants when receiving services under the NDIS. At Your Helpers Home Services we ensure that all our clients have had the freedom of choice and control when deciding how or when they would like their services. 


With over 50 5-star Google Reviews, we are a trusted Registered NDIS Provider in the Gold Coast Region for cleaning and gardening services. If you are an NDIS Participant requiring services, please feel free to contact us via our referral form or call us on (07) 5551 0111