This information was put together to share more information about us and why you should consider being a Contractor for Your Helpers Home Services.

1. No More Looking For Clients

Most of our clients are NDIS Participants who specifically choose, or are required to choose cleaning or gardening suppliers who are NDIS Providers, which Your Helpers Home Services is.

Predictions for the National Disability Insurance Scheme is to support 460,000 people with a disability. We are constantly registering new NDIS participants who need cleaners and gardeners.

As a Contractor for us we aim to allocate as many cleaning or gardening clients you’re able to commit to. This means no more advertising or asking for new leads or clients, we’ll find them and book them for you.

2. The Work Is Consistent

Unlike once off cleaning or gardening jobs our NDIS Participants need regular support. They require frequent cleaning or gardening which means once you have accepted a new job, that client now becomes an ongoing job. Jobs can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly (mostly weekly or fortnightly).

This means regular, consistent and predictable income for our Contractors.

3. You Choose Your Jobs

We understand our Contractors have other responsibilities or priorities. So we work with our Contractors to make sure the jobs we offer meets their needs.

We make sure the jobs we offer are within close proximity to Contractor’s location or in areas they agreed to take on work.

We regularly check in with our Contractors to confirm their schedule and availability.

4. Cancelled Jobs Can Still Be Paid

Because our clients are NDIS Participants last minute cancellations can still be charged if the client did not provide ample notice time. This means our Contractors still get paid for cancellations that occur beyond their control.

5. Travel Fee

Ideally we match Contractors to jobs within their chosen location. If a job requires a Contractor to travel more than 30 minutes we can request for travel fee through the NDIS. The travel fee is a flat fee payment that is subjected to approval by the NDIS.

6. You Get Support

Although our cleaners and gardeners are Contractors they’re still part of our team. We encourage open communication and speak to Contractors frequently.

We have developed our own technology to make working with Your Helpers Home Services as easy as possible. Our online Contractor Portal gives Contractors access to view their allocated jobs and submit invoices online, automating processes to make life easier for our Contractors.

7. Weekly Payments

We pay our Contractors weekly for the work they completed in the previous week. No more chasing payments from clients, we do that for you.

8. Friendly Clients

It’s rewarding helping NDIS Participants with tasks that many take for granted. Clients are genuinely grateful for your service and helping them maintain some independence.

We hope this information has given you valid reasons why you should consider being a Contractor for Your Helpers Home Services. Join Helpers Home Services as a Contractor and secure regular cleaning or gardening work that has been sourced for you, jobs that aligns with your schedule and your location, and start earning regular income.

Please send complete an online application by clicking here and we’ll be in contact to schedule a phone interview.