You worked hard to beautify your gardens and ideally you’d want to maintain some of that effort so come next spring you don’t have to start again. In this blog post we share how to keep lawns from dying over the winter months.

Adjust your watering

Seems obvious enough. Lawns may go dormant during winter while your soil remains moist. Make sure you’re not overwatering and adjust your watering regime during colder months. Overwatering your lawn during the winter only leaves the grass vulnerable to fungi.

Mow higher and less frequently

When the cooler months set in, you will notice that the grass grows slower. During this period raise the mowing height to prevent damaging the grass which can result in scalping and browning. Since it won’t be used as often, winter is also a great time to service your mower.

Remove weeds

Weeds take advantage of the lawn’s weakened state during winter and spread easily. Winter weeds germinate at lower soil temperatures and so it’s an ideal time to use a herbicide that removes weeds without causing damage to the lawn. Always make sure you read the label of any chemical you’re considering using on your lawn to ensure it is suitable for your grass variety.


Late Autumn is the perfect time to feed your lawn. These days this task is so much more easier thanks to so many slow releasing lawn foods options available on the market.


At the end of winter, soil can often be compact so your lawn could benefit from a good aeration. There are a number of aerating options and tool available depending on size of your lawn and how involve you want to be at he task.

The above tips is how we help our clients keep lawns from dying over the winter months. If you’re an NDIS Coordinator or Participant who is looking for a registered provider to help you with maintaining your lawn, we can help!

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