Like any new working relationship it’s going to take time to get used to working together as you become comfortable with each other and find a flow that works best for both of you. To help bridge this gap as quickly as possible, we share our tips for working with a cleaner or gardener.

1. Open Communication

We hand pick our cleaners/gardeners specifically for you. They’re compassionate and take great pride in their work. They are more than accommodating to your requests and welcome any feedback but they are not mind readers, so you will need to let them know if you would like them to change the way they are doing things for you.

We encourage you to speak to your cleaner/gardener about any requests, pointers and concerns you may have as every client has different expectations and thoughts on what is priority to them.

2. Have a List

We have collected information about what needs regular cleaning or gardening at your home. Your cleaner/gardener will be given this information prior to their first attendance. But we understand things change and what needs done this week might be different next week.

If you have something in particular you want done at your next scheduled booking, write a list so you can go over it with your cleaner/gardener when they arrive next. Or leave a list in the same location so that each time your cleaner/gardener arrives they know to refer to that list before starting.

3. Give Them Feedback

To ensure your cleaner/gardener is cleaning your home or maintaining your gardens to the standard you expect, give them some feedback. For example if you like something done a certain way, items placed in a particular spot, an area that needs extra attention – let your cleaner/gardener know. Alternatively you can call our office and we will get the message to them on your behalf.

4. Be Patient

Remember it may take a few visits to get your home to the state you wish it to be, or to build a working relationship with your cleaner/gardener. Be patient with your cleaner/gardener as they work to the best of their ability in the time frame allocated to help clean and declutter your home. 

Did you know we also provide additional services and work such as:

  • deep carpet cleaning
  • mattress cleaning
  • couch cleaning
  • gurney of driveways and footpaths
  • cleaning roof gutters
  • repotting plants
  • general house waste tip runs

If you would like to know more about these services or to book it in please contact us by calling our office on 07 5551 0111 or speak to your Support Coordinator.