During winter, we often keep our homes locked up to keep the warm inside and often don’t deep clean as often as we do in the warmer months. After this winter chill (if we can call it that on the Gold Coast), it’s essential to give your home a deep spring clean for a number of reasons such as: 

  • Minimising allergies 

Spring on the Gold Coast is the time when allergies can start to become a nuisance. By cleaning your home and ensuring its dust free will provide allergy sufferers with relief from dust mites, pollen and pet fur. 

  • Improve sleep 

There was a study done by the Academy of Sleep Medicine discovered that people who sleep in cluttered rooms are more likely to develop sleep disorders. Having the room clean and tidy allows for a restful, calming environment for you to doze off peacefully.  

  • Boost Mood and Productivity

Having a desk full of junk and rooms cluttered with mess and ruin your productivity and affect your mood. A study by Neuroscientists found that people who had messy spaces had decreased productivity and increased stress compared to those who had tidy spaces. 

Why do we all have the urge to Spring Clean? 

After being locked away from many months with shorter days and less sunlight, we all suddenly feel the urge to clean. Why? It’s thought to be a tradition from many different cultures but also due to old heating systems. Since homes were heated by fires and lit by oil and kerosene lamps, the amount of grime, soot and dust that would be in the home after the colder months would be overwhelming prompting a deep spring clean!

While we may have modern appliances to keep the home warm, this accumulation of dust, grime and clutter still appears in our homes. The warmer months gives us opportunities to clear out winter debris and get ready for the season of festive entertaining. 

What should I clean?

We asked our cleaners and gardeners where are the best ways to start your spring cleaning. Refer to the lists below and schedule these tasks for your upcoming weekends.

Spring Cleaning List:

  • Deep clean the mattress
  • Wash or replace pillows 
  • Deep clean appliances such as your fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, and toaster
  • Wash curtains, alongside removable cushion covers and pillows
  • Clean and dust air vents and air conditioners 
  • Disinfect door knobs, switches and handles to remove the winter flu germs
  • Clean and disinfect the rubbish bin
  • Run a cleaning cycle through the dishwasher
  • Professionally clean the couch and carpets
  • Clean the drains


Backyard and Gardening List:

  • Replace or launder the welcome mat
  • Remove cobwebs and wasp nests 
  • Clean or replace plant pots 
  • Fertilize plants, lawn and garden beds
  • Clean exterior windows 
  • Give the garage floor a thorough wash and clean
  • Prune any plants that didn’t survive the winter chill
  • Consider installing a compost bin for future gardening endeavours 
  • Pressure wash outdoor flooring 

How we can help

For existing YHHS clients, we offer additional services to help you with your spring cleaning goals. 

Services include: 

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Internal and External Window Cleaning
  • General Waste Removal to the Local Tip
  • High-Pressure Water Cleaning of Driveways, Patio & Pathways

If a participant requests these services we always ensure approval from their support coordinators and or plan managers prior to booking. 

Not a client of YHHS? We have capacity to help you. 

However, if you are an NDIS Participant who is feeling overwhelmed with cleaning and gardening tasks in the home, we can help. With over 50 5-star Google reviews, we are the only cleaning and gardening service on the Gold Coast that is dedicated to just NDIS Participants and their goals. Servicing from Pimpama to Coolangatta, if you require services, please get in touch via our refer to us form or call us on (07) 5551 0111.