According to a recent study, Australia has one the highest pet ownership rates in the world with over 69% of households having a furry friend living with them. 43% of pet owners also disclosed sharing a bed with their 4-legged companion. With dogs and cats being the most common, many of us battle with pet fur, odour and unwanted spills regularly. 

Here are our best ways to keep your house clean and fresh when living with pets. 


How to remove pet fur

When seasons change, shedding begins to dramatically increase. Here are our best ways to keep the pet fur at bay:

Importance of grooming – Regular cleaning and grooming is the most effective way of keeping fur and odour out of your home.

Static Energy – A squeegee or rubber gloves can work magic to remove stubborn pet fur from fabric with the help of science. When you rub these rubbery tools over soft surfaces, friction creates static energy allowing debris to be removed easily. Lint rollers are also essential to have on hand to avoid fur-covered clothing.

Clean your appliances often – These appliances are our best friends when it comes to cleaning. That’s why it’s important to clean out the vacuum, washing machine and dryer filters often to ensure they don’t clog with pet fur. 


Removing odour 

There’s nothing worse than the scent of ‘wet dog’ in your home. To keep it smelling fresh, we suggest:

Clean paws upon entry – Paws can bring wet grass and mud into the home creating stains and odour. Keep a small basket of clean towels (or hand towels if you have a small dog) to wipe paws at the door. 

Fresh air – Open up your windows and doors often to allow fresh air to circulate through the home. Even turning on a ceiling fan can help move stagnant air around and minimise odour. 

Baking Soda – If your home is carpeted, sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and leave for 10 minutes or so before vacuuming. This will help remove odour trapped in the fibres.

Professional carpet cleaning – Sometimes, you just need the help of professionals. Carpet cleaning can eliminate odour, stains and even pet fur with their specialised equipment. We offer professional carpet cleaning for our existing clients (subject to approval). Learn more here.

Pet beds and toys – Frequently washing beds, toys and blankets that our pets use is another extremely effective way of removing odour. 

Air filters and essential oils – Whilst it won’t eliminate the root cause, using air filters or diffusers can provide relief from odour. Always make sure the candles or essential oils you are using are pet friendly. 


Protecting your furniture

Some pets grow out of their chewing and scratching phases, others, unfortunately, do not. Here are our suggestions for protecting your home against teeth and claws: 

Pedicures often – Again, prevention is the best cure. Keeping nails trimmed will minimise the damage caused to not only your furniture but also to your hardwood floors.

Walks and play – Sometimes our pets are understimulated and decide on letting out their energy through destruction. Ensure your pets have enough exercise and interaction so that they don’t have time to think about chewing up the dining table. 

Cover and choose wisely – Cover up furniture with blankets or towels that can be easily washed. Choose furniture that deters pets from chewing and scratching such as tight-knit velvet rather than a weave fabric. It’s also great to choose a couch that has removable covers to wash regularly. 


What to do when accidents do happen 

When accidents do happen, which they will it’s important to react quickly when cleaning up spills. Using an enzyme-based cleaner can help remove the scent that encourages the pet to remark their territory. Training and taking out your pets regularly if they don’t have continual access to the backyard is another great preventative measure. 

Whilst they might cause havoc in our home, pets are loving and so worth the extra cleaning. 

If you or someone you know is a Participant with the NDIS, we can help out with regular cleaning or gardening to ensure complete peace of mind. Contact us today or fill out our referral form.