When you choose Your Helpers Home Services to assist you or a loved one with maintaining their home or yard, we have a thorough onboarding process, so Participants, their Carers and Support Coordinators are aware and understand how they become a client of Your Helpers.

New Enquiry

All new enquiries and referrals can be submitted online on our website, but you can also call our office on 07 5551 0111. Our online form asks for the Participant’s details, plan information, and what services they require. We help plan managed, agency managed and self-managed Participants and work directly with plan managers to sort out billing and invoicing.

Home Visit

Your Helper Home Services

When we receive a new inquiry, we contact the Participant or Coordinator to confirm the received information and schedule a time for our Client Care Manager to visit the Participant’s home. Our Client Care Manager will meet with the Participant and understand what services they need to assist them in maintaining their home inside and outside. We establish the Participant’s Service Agreement based on the schedule of supports they require. We welcome the Participant’s Support Coordinator or carer to be present at the home visit, too, so they are aware of the services discussed and become familiar with us. We also complete a Risk Assessment.

Allocating A Dedicated Cleaner or Gardener

After the home visit, we aim to match and book a cleaner and or gardener for the Participant within 48 hours, so they are aware when the schedule of supports commences. The Participant will get the same person coming to their home to help them every time. The Participant will know the name of their cleaner or gardener and when their first scheduled service will take place. Trust and respect usually bloom between our team and Participants over time as they become comfortable with each other and find a flow that works best for both parties.

Your Helpers Home Services

Your Helpers Home Services

Touching Base

After the first cleaning or gardening has occurred, we touch base with the Participant to get their feedback and any comments or reactions they may have. We touch base with all our clients, frequently contacting each one to ensure our services meet their needs. We work closely with Support Coordinators and Plan Managers, communicating any feedback or concerns regularly. This is how we have built a solid reputation for our reliability, honesty and service quality.

Read what our Participants and other Support Coordinators have to say about us by checking out our Google Reviews. To see more examples of the work our cleaners and gardeners can do, check out our Instagram account and Facebook page.

If you are a Participant or help manage someone’s plan and would like them to become a client of Your Helpers Home Services, please complete our new client form here. If you have any additional questions about us or our services, please check out our frequently asked questions.