When it comes to getting assistance with home cleaning or yard maintenance as part of your plan, there is no shortage of options available. Self-managed participants can choose businesses who are not a registered NDIS provider. But what does that flexibility mean? In this blog post we’ll cover what the difference is between private versus registered NDIS providers and share things to consider when deciding between both.

What is the difference between private versus registered NDIS providers?

The main difference between the two is the legal status with the NDIA (an agency funded by the government to oversee the NDIS) and how it relates to your business. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a regulated “system” to provide disability care services in Australia. All registered providers have to meet a number of obligations, these include:

  • Pay for registration fees
  • Obtain required certifications and training to be able to work with people with disabilities
  • Be subjected and pass verification and certification audits
  • Uphold all requirements and updates specified by the NDIA

Unregistered business are not required to go through this stringent process, and may not be proficient on the requirements and needs of the NDIA.

Things to consider when using a private business

  • Choosing an unregistered business means that they haven’t gone through the formal process or training in regards to working with people with disabilities.
  • Have they had their employees put through a NDIS Workers Screening to ensure the people that work with your or your loved one are safe, honest people.

Benefits of using a registered NDIS provider

  • They have been verified by the NDIS Commission and have undergone an audit to prove their suitability to work within the NDIS.
  • A registered disability services provider has to comply with specific laws, guidelines, policies which non-registered providers don’t have to follow.
  • Workers have completed a NDIS Workers Screening

With choosing any business to help support your plan always do your research and find out if they are right for you. This can be in the form of contacting them to ask questions, looking at online reviews, or even getting a Support Coordinator to help you make your choice.

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