When we service new NDIS Participants to assist them with their home gardening, many are not sure of what our gardeners can and can’t do. In this blog post, we answer the question ‘what’s included and not included in my NDIS gardening?‘.

What we can do?

If your plan includes Household Tasks, funds have been allocated to help you live independently in your home, and this includes assistance with home gardening. Our gardeners can assist with:

  • Mowing and edge trimming of lawns
  • Removal of weeds and weed spraying
  • Cut hedges, shrubs and plants
  • Plant small plants
  • Water gardens and lawns
  • Clean surfaces using a high pressure water cleaner
  • Clean home roof gutters of one story homes
  • Organise green and general waste removal

What you can expect from our gardeners

All our gardeners will have their own equipment and appropriate tools to help maintain your yard. If required they can take any green waste that doesn’t fit in the green waste bin to a local tip.

What we cannot do?

Occasionally Participants ask our gardeners to help them with other duties. Although we aim to accommodate our clients as much as possible, there can be hazards and risks associated with certain requests. Common things our gardeners get asked about but are not able to do, include:

  • Drive and drop Participants off to another location.
  • Run errands on behalf of participants.
  • Clean windows externally on 2nd stories
  • Any exterior work that requires experienced trade people, for example, excavation, concreting, investigating pool issues or cutting down large trees.
  • Our gardeners cannot climb on top of home roofs for safety and insurance reasons.
  • Our gardeners cannot purchase garden equipment or materials on behalf of participants using NDIS funds.
  • Our gardeners can assist with large yards; however, we may need to scale down the scope for large acreage lots.

Additional Services YHHS can do:

We can also assist with organising for our Participants other additional services depending on their situation, their plan and funding and the scope of the work. Services such as:

  • Professional cleaning of your carpet, couches and mattresses.
  • We can organise drop off and pick up of a skip bin for larger decluttering work.
  • Organise general pest control for your home.
  • Arrange professional window cleaning

The above additional services are outsourced to local professionals who have the appropriate equipment and insurance to assist with such requests.

We share more tips on how you can work better with your cleaner or gardener in another blog post here.

If you are an NDIS Participant or assist someone with managing their plan, we are a registered NDIS Provider. We can help you or your clients with home gardening services. If you would like to know more, click here, or if you have a question about our services, send us an email at admin@yourhelpers.com.au