If you’re a participant or help manage the plan for someone who needs support with maintaining their yard, choosing a gardener can seem very overwhelming with so many options here on the Gold Coast. So we’ve put together some considerations and what to look out for when choosing an NDIS gardener.

They are a Registered NDIS Provider

Firstly when choosing a gardener, check they are registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Businesses who have undertaken the process of becoming a provider means they have passed all the verifications and certifications audits imposed by the NDIA.

Your Helpers is an NDIS Registered Provider since 2020, offering gardening and cleaning services. We can assist participants who are;

  • Self-Managed Participants
  • Plan Managed Participants
  • NDIA Managed Participants (only registered providers can provide services to this category)

Our whole team, including our office staff, gardeners and cleaners, has completed the NDIS workers screening check, the NDIS Orientation Module and is vaccinated. This means that everyone has been cleared to work with people with disabilities.

Familiar with working for NDIS Participants

Anyone can do gardening for any home, but NDIS clients and their homes are unique and require considerate care. Gardeners should be aware and sensitive to the needs and attention to participants’ homes.

Unlike our competitors, we only provide our gardening services to NDIS homes. And because we only do gardening for NDIS homes, Your Helpers carefully selects team members who are compassionate, courteous and always show kindness.

We genuinely care for all our clients, not just their home but their well-being. We check in with all our clients frequently to ensure our service meets their expectations and helps us find any problems or gaps. We value our relationship with Coordinators and communicate our activities with their participants, keeping them in the loop. Our clients and coordinators know they can depend on us to honour our commitment to helping our clients.

You get the same gardener

When dealing with gardening franchises or online booking services, jobs are allocated to gardeners based on their availability and location. This means a different gardener comes to the participant’s home every time.

Here at Your Helpers, our clients are matched to a gardener, so that same gardener comes to their home every time. This is a crucial point of difference we offer our clients. This is also how trust and comfortability develop between our gardeners and clients over time. We cover how we meet with clients and the matching process in a previous blog post you can read here.

Doesn’t just do the gardening

Other gardening businesses will just do the gardening, which means mowing the grass and trimming the edges. They will do what is asked of them and not go beyond their scope of work.

Our gardeners are proactive in suggesting to participants jobs they could assist them with. Such as trimming back overgrown hedges and trees, high-pressure water clean driveways, patios, and pathways. Remove clogged leaves, sticks and other debris from gutters of one-story homes to help improve rainwater flow, or take garden green waste and general rubbish to the local tip.

What to look for when choosing an NDIS gardener

We also have additional services available to our clients outsourced to professionals. These include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, pest control and transportation of bulky items.

A skip bin can be organised for homes requiring a big decluttering job, and we can assist with basic handyman tasks around the house. If these services are approved to meet the participant’s plan goals, we can arrange them for our clients.

Have positive reviews from others

These days thanks to social media, you can find any business you’re considering using and discover more information about them. Whether through the content they’ve posted or what others have to say about them, please read what others have to say about the gardening business you’re considering and ensure their work and feedback reflect your ideas and assumptions about them.

Your Helpers are proud to have built a solid reputation amongst our clients and partners in our two years of business. Today, we have 41 Google reviews and frequently post examples of our work and show the people who make up our team on our Facebook page, LinkedIn Account, Google My Business and Instagram account.

If you are a Participant or help manage someone’s plan and would like us to provide gardening services, please complete our new client form here. If you have any additional questions about us or our services, please check out our frequently asked questions.